4. Pre-Construction Meeting

A. Things to Consider

B. Vendor Showrooms and Websites

C. Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist

Building a home is a tremendous task and requires commitment by all parties to be successful. As we spend the next several months together, we want your experience with us to be truly enjoyable. In order to expedite the construction process and enable us with the information to deliver the home of your dreams on your scheduled closing date, Lichty Brothers Homes conducts a Pre-construction meeting for all its customers. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce you to the construction team, review your contract, review your site plan and floor plan, discuss any desired changes, and make your selections. At the conclusion of this meeting, your project manager should clearly know what to build and any "gray" areas have been identified as open issues with clear issue owners and expected resolution dates.

Please set aside a few days to prepare for your Pre-construction Meeting. Your preparation for this meeting is critical and involves your thorough evaluation of your home needs/desires, floor plan, site plan (house placement and landscaping), and selections. In order to assist you in your preparation, Lichty Brothers Homes has included several items in this chapter and in New Home Selection, Chapter 5, that we feel will be helpful. We want you to be comfortable with the decisions you will be making during our meeting and want all of us to avoid any feelings of pressure or stress.

In addition to the items contained in this manual, you will need a copy of your contract, your communities standard features sheet, an options and upgrades sheet, and your floor plan. Your sales agent has copies of all these documents and can assist you in locating any missing documents.

4A. Things to Consider

These are general question to help you determine your future home needs and desires. Your answers can be verbal, written and/or pictorial and will greatly assist you in addressing the items on our Pre-construction meeting checklist.

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4B. Vendor Showrooms and Websites

See your sales agent for a list of showrooms to visit.

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4C. Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist

This is the checklist your project manager will use when conducting your Preconstruction meeting. The results of these items will be documented on your redlined floor plan and/or your Selections and Specifications Sheet (detailed in New Home Selection, Chapter 5).


Review plat, lot, site plan, house setting/placement ____
Discuss roof design and shingle color ____
Review roof returns, eyebrows, brackets, porch design ____
Discuss siding materials, locations, and colors ____
Discuss standard exterior corner trim and any special designs or materials ____
Confirm cornice design, material, and color (frieze, return, crown, etc.) ____
Discuss shutter type, design, and color ____
Review entry door design to confirm standards ____
Confirm dormer, gable and eave overhang measurements and details ____
Windows properly sized and minimum egress provided ____
Confirm window locations, color, type (Grills or 1/1 Clear) ____
Discuss landscaping considerations ____
If required, locate fire box location and size ____
Identify brick ledge requirements ____
Confirm garage floor elevation and steps to finished floor level ____
Confirm joist direction and size ____
Confirm joist spans, beam locations/sizes and cantilever locations ____
Note roof construction; trusses; scissors; vaulted; cathedral; rafter size ____
Locate electric, low voltage, hot water & HVAC and confirm adequate chases/flume ____
Are floor drains or special plumbing locations needed ____
Confirm window locations ____
Locate double door ____
Determine future bath location ____
If required determined septic pump/lift or other misc. system locations ____
Locate any desired LVL or Floor system changes ____
Confirm that a location is provided for the fire door to the basement ____
Determine attic access location(s), scuttle door, flume and chase requirements ____
Discuss Master Bedroom and Bath ceiling design ____
Discuss any shown sloped ceiling location and any other ceiling designs desired ____
Discuss the changing/deleting of wall partitions ____
Determine any required wall size or window placement adjustments for furniture ____
Confirm second floor window egress requirements ____
Locate electric outlet/switch, fixture and low voltage locations ____
Locate can lights and any other special lighting requirements ____
Discuss fireplace types, locations, options, mantels, surrounds, and color ____
Determine if TV or other niches are desired ____
Discuss kitchen, laundry, baths cabinet configurations, types, styles, and colors ____
Discuss any desired built-ins and determine location, cofig, type, style, color ____
Adjust window, doors, knee walls to accommodate cabinet layouts ____
Discuss countertop types, locations, and colors ____
Discuss and locate all plumbing fixture, tub, and shower types/finishes/options ____
Locate 2 × 6 walls for plumbing and mechanicals ____
Discuss bath hardware, glass enclosures, and mirrors ____
Discuss appliance options ____
Discuss HVAC and insulation options ____
Discuss drywall, corner bead and passageway (arches/pass-through) options ____
Confirm flooring materials, locations, and colors ____
Discuss interior trim standards and options. Redline all non-standard details. ____
Discuss interior door styles and confirm door swings ____
Discuss Cased Opening/SR Rap locations (considering cabinet upper’s crown O/H) ____
Discuss stair, handrail, newel, and baluster types and designs ____
Discuss hinge and door hardware type and finish ____
Discuss interior paint type, colors and locations ____
Discuss any special system, material, finish, etc. desired in home ____


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