1. Introduction

A. What Happens Next?

B. Who’s Who

An Overview of Your New Home Experience

1A. What Happens Next?

Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. The process is also complex with many details to be decided and arranged. While Lichty Brothers is building your new home, you participate by taking care of several important aspects of your purchase. The chronological list that follows outlines the events that typically take place in the purchase of a new home. Where time frames are specified, it is vital that they be observed in order for us to make a timely delivery to you.

Purchasing Your Home

The Purchase Agreement (or Sales Contract) and various addenda comprise the legal understanding regarding the purchase of your new home. Please read the Purchase Agreement and all attachments carefully. As with any legal agreement, you may wish to have your attorney review them. Once all the paperwork is signed, we suggest you insert those documents in Chapter 2 of this manual, Purchasing Your Home.

Applying for Your Loan

Once the Purchase Agreement has been signed, finalizing the details for financing is next. To assist you, we may suggest lenders that will be appropriate for your specific financial situation. Chapter 3, Applying for Your Loan, contains hints and information on the loan process.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Once the Purchase Agreement has been signed and while you are finalizing your financing, we will schedule a Pre-construction Meeting with you, the sales team, and our construction team. It has been our experience that most issues discovered during the construction phase resulted from a misunderstanding by the construction team of the expectations you established during the sale or contracting phase. Lichty Brothers Homes is committed to exceeding your expectations and wants to invest time before we break ground to ensure that all members of the team are well informed and clearly understand your expectations and success factors.

Pre-construction Meeting, Chapter 4 of this manual, explains in detail the purpose of this meeting and preparation steps we suggest you take in order to maximize the effectiveness of this meeting. Please review New Home Selections, Chapter 5 of this manual, before your meeting as well and be prepared to make as many of your selections as possible during the meeting.

Your New Home Selections

Your initial selections will be documented during the Pre-construction Meeting. This meeting along with New Home Selections, Chapter 5 of this manual, will assist you in the exciting process of personalizing your new home with your selections.

Construction of Your Home

We invite you to tour your new home with us at several points during construction. We also expect and welcome your casual visits to the site. Please read Chapter 6, Construction of Your Home, for guidelines on safety, security, and work in progress. Please bring this manual to all our meetings.

Homeowner Orientation

The Homeowner Orientation has two purposes. The first is to demonstrate the features of your home and discuss maintenance and limited warranty. Equally important, we want to confirm that we have delivered your new home at the quality level expected and with all your selections correctly installed. For detailed information, please review Chapter 7, Home Acceptance Guidelines and Chapter 8, Homeowner Orientation.

Closing on Your Home

A description of the documents you will sign and other important details about the closing process are discussed in Closing on Your Home, Chapter 9 of this manual. We have included guidelines to assist you in preparing for closing and move-in.

Caring for Your Home

There are many responsibilities as a new homeowner that you should take ownership of in order to ensure that your new home stays like new and that your investment continues to appreciate in value. Lichty Brothers Homes has created the Homeowner Care Guide, Chapter 10 and the Seasonal Maintenance Checklists, Chapter 11 to assist you in your maintenance. Begin now by becoming familiar with the maintenance needs of your new home.

Lichty Brothers Homes’ Limited Warranty

A description of the items related to the limited warranty of your new home is discussed in Lichty Brothers Homes’ Limited Warranty, Chapter 12. The detail in this chapter will address the level of service you should expect after closing and through the duration of the warranty period described.

New Homebuyer’s Dictionary

A description of common terms related the construction of your new home is discussed in New Homebuyer’s Dictionary, Chapter 13. Please feel free to ask for any additional explanations or definitions.

NAHB’s Residential Construction Performance Guidelines

A homeowners reference of the items and systems included in your new home are discussed in Lichty NAHB’s Residential Construction Performance Guidelines as an attached external publication. This reference details the construction quality tolerances and the expected home performance over its lifetime.

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1B. Who’s Who?

Some Names You Should Know

Two-way communication is vital to a mutually satisfactory building relationship. Not understanding what is happening and not knowing to whom you should speak can cause you frustration, dissatisfaction and stress. It is our intention to always be available to you in order to avoid such feelings. We believe that it is our responsibility to establish and maintain clear lines of communication.

Keeping track of the professionals working with you in a manner such as the following table may be very useful to you. The professionals listed below are glad to assist you or find the answers to your questions. Note: Any communications should be in writing and email is acceptable.

Person Contact Name Conact Numbers/Email
Builder Lichty Brothers Homes Office 770-254-1313
Fax 770-502-9415
Real Estate Agent    
Project Manager    
Buyer’s preferred contact    


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